online dating….

9 May

So ..shout out to and Jia herself for giving me inspiration in regard to this entry.

In my spare time one of my favorite things to do when i need to get my laugh on is browse dating profiles online. Check the video below.. Jia made me LAUGH out LOUD!!! She hit the nail on the head with this video. Now, I am not knocking those that find love over the web. I know people who have done so…but this foolishness must cease!

what kills me are the men who talk all this shit about what they want…how sensitive they are. how they love taking long walks in the park, going on dinner dates, going to museums…yada yada yada…Absolutely ridiculous. Have you ever been to a museum sir? And do you even know where they are in the Houston area. Men, le sigh…the other thing is that most men on these sites talk about how they are looking for the one…lol really…no sir have a seat…you are really looking for a just for the night girl…not a wife..lets keep it 100. after a few messages, you start talking about the size of your dick? Oh…Sir have a seat…please. Or the overly sensitive or aggressive ones that want to get married tomorrow. Or my favorite…the guy who’s mom is in another country…sick and needs you to help them out…just ugh people…really?


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