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Let me break it down…

29 Jan

So I need to talk. And since I can’t talk to “him” I will settle and say it here….On this blog. (Just a side note this isn’t about robert. I felt i needed to say that just in case people wanted to know) Perhaps one day he may read this and know my heart in it’s most exposed and vulnerable state. Just know. I am scared. Im exposed, I’ve been here before and I know what resulted the last time I was this real, and even though that situation hurt me to my core I am willing to be out there again….
That being said here goes…
Can we pave a new road together? Hand in hand walking through this thing called life. Leaving all that stuff in the past right there were it belongs and navigate this thing called life together? I am not asking anything of you but for your heart. Let me be the one to help restore your faith in God, in love, in life. Restore and nurture your heart and help protect it. I want to rediscover the man you have become as well as you rediscover the woman I have become as well.

Let me be frank. I don’t need your money, nor accolades or any material possession. All I want is you. We don’t have to talk daily and necessarily be up under each other on a daily basis. I’ve never been that type of lady. I just want to be the one you can call when you need to vent and bounce ideas off of. The new woman in your life that you can trust again. I want to be the one you can count on.

I want to give you all of my love freely…openly…honestly. Will you let me love you? Is that wrong? Its it a little selfish…perhaps. Look, I don’t want to come across as bold or place any unnecessary pressure on you. That isn’t my intention at all. I can’t hold it in anymore and I just needed to let you know…I love you. Simply put.


Dreams 2.0

28 Jan

Dreams do come true….that’s all I am sayin….Just be prepared for them 😉

I know…short post but yeah

Do you know your status?

19 Jan

The Red Pump Project

So I am joining up with the red pump project. I don’t have much to say but I will say this. KNOW YOUR STATUS! It doesn’t take that long anymore to be tested. Too many beautiful people are losing their lives because of fear and selfishness. People, it’s time for a change…are you going to start with the man in the mirror?


17 Jan

Lately I have been having these vivid dreams. Nothing scary, just vividly passionate. Have you ever had those? Where you think you are awake but yet asleep…I mean i can feel his touch on my shoulder…his breath in my ear…you get the picture. Only this, I have no clue who he is.  No face, just shadows.  He feels familiar to me…like I have met him before because I am completely at ease with him this close. He touches my face, and I feel his smile. He traces my nose, cheeks, up to my eyebrows. I inhale his scent and get a little closer. But he pays me no attention because he is so engrossed in his journey. He takes his time to study every dimple, fold and plane of skin…letting his fingers walk wherever he pleases. I feel his nose and lips brush against my cheeks and nose. I hear him inhale deeply, and as I open my eyes to meet his…I see my circling ceiling fan and my empty room. And just like that he is gone.
I sit up in bed smile and shake my head. Alright God, One day it will go from dreams to reality. 🙂

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