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10 Aug

August 10th….the aftermath….birthday this year was spent little different. While I was, at work, it was a true blessing….My phone and Facebook were going nuts with well wishes from family and friends and associates…and it was rather nice to have an easy day at work…. But honestly….truthfully aside from the AWESOME prank we pulled on Jose at Denny’s…there was something that made my day extra special….

Its funny how 1 person can truly change your day and make everything so right in the world..from a text alone. That makes me so nervous…Why you may ask…I don’t really have a good answer for that but it does…It made me smile, knowing that he thought of me today…just 😀

So when I got home….a movie came to mind…there eyes were watching god….aside that michael ealy played the hell out of teacake and halle did her thing as well….he said something while they were living with the gypsy people that just made me pause…

you the type of woman make a man forget to grow old…forget to die

what kind of ole poetically beautiful shit is that…..Here is where this ties in with the birthday…I’m older now…lol…I am not the same chick that was in her 20’s anymore, BUT what I realize is that i want to have an affect on a man like that…To make a man…my man, forget about ageing and just live life…deep shit eh?  That’s one of those things that I pray that lives within me…and when time comes im able to emote and make a man feel 🙂  Catch the movie in parts here… and here is were he says it around the 5:49 mark here  I dont want to make this post too long…

So you know that i cant leave you without a little music!!!  This one is dedicated to my teacake 🙂

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