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15 Jan

Everybody says I gotta be crazy
That I deserve everything that I get
But I got a feeling that makes me wanna ignore all that you’ve done 100 times before
Cause then there’s me, could I be the one
And baby there’s me to make you undone
Uh darling there’s me no use, no use in pretending
Oh there’s me, 101
Me, me, 101
So I gotta be, I gotta be, I gotta be 101
Maybe it’s time, maybe it’s me

Maybe I could be

-Alicia Keys from 101

New relationships can be scary territory.  Especially when your heart is truly on the line. When you know the person’s past track record and you have seen the string of carnage left from ended novels and chapters of their life.  When I played Alicia’s new album the song stuck out to me more than any other.  Why…well…I am 101. Despite knowing how the past has been I am still willing to go there and try this new thing.  Why do I feel the need to want to try and be the game changer this time around….You know, I think to myself, I am really that powerful to make them want to change it up with me…Why…because I am not like anything else that he has ever met.  I am the enigma, the standard, the one who won’t do things with a business as usual mentality.  This time around I cannot and will not.

Funny thing is that originally this blog originally was going to be one of those am I good enough blogs…but as I was typing something clicked…and I realized I am all that and more.  I had to erase it….I got was she was saying…she wasn’t self doubting in this song… worried about whether or not Swiss Beats the man she was singing about would accept her.  She was willing because she knew beyond the shadow of a doubt that she was the one, despite what anyone had to say.

101, no 102,103,104,105….just her.  Just me. The one to change everything and turn his world upside down.  The question is not am I 101….but are you ready for 101?

Enjoy the song below….

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