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10 Aug

Another birthday has passed…..granted I was at work…whats new about about that right?  But I must say today was so awesome in spite of working a 12 hour shift….

What I want to say to everyone who took the time out to post on Facebook, give me a call, do a little dance or give a gift or hug….I really want to say thank you.  Seriously, I could scribe a generic thank you message but that’s not whats in my heart.  Today I had to thank God for every one of you.  From bringing each of you in my path of this life…be it a brief moment or some years; family or friend you guys really made my heart smile.

This year has been hard in places for me.  I lost 2 women that meant the world to me in the span of a few months…but what I am seeing is that moment and days like to today are so invaluable.  Letting a person know how much you love them and how much you care, and know that the smallest of gestures can mean the world to them.

Please know that I love you all. From the bottom of my heart…thank you for making today special.  :0)

oh yeah…and rip whitney….you are truly an amazing person i am glad to share this day with

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