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In regard to whom my soul loves…

27 Feb

God I needed to take time to sit and tell you what it is on my heart. I am so grateful and thankful for the life and love you have blessed me with thus far…and honestly God if you never send another my way, I am eternally grateful for the love and lessons you have taught me and blessed me with. That’s a hard thing to admit…but it is where I am in life right now.
But this isn’t about me. This is in regard to the one whom my soul loves. The man of God that speaks to my inner me. God, I pray that you would speak to his heart, speak to his mind, speak to his spirit and soul in the way that only you can. Rekindle the fire that burns deep within him and bring it to the surface so that all may see it. Bring healing and restoration to the wounds inflicted by others that he doesn’t speak of and tries to remedy on his own. Prepare him, lord, for the future that you have set for us. Equip him with truth and love and faith. Place a praise in his mouth, and grant him wisdom beyond his years. Strengthen him physically…mentally…emotionally. Set him free…fearless in life and love. God…grant me the investment that will have an undeniably awesome influence among his peers, but yet can show by his actions, that he is not perfect, but your hand is upon him.


right or wrong…

22 Feb

I want to you love you, want to kiss you…when i miss you, i really miss you…i want to give it, give it to you whether its right or wrong baby…

I want to be next to you. Tonight.  I wish that I could fly out on a whim.  But I want to be near you….in your space. I want to be.  I miss your face…next to mine.  Is that saying too much?  perhaps….I’ll back off…but yeah…I’m playing these are my confessions tonight.  its the only way I know how to talk  to you without talking.   Am I I right or wrong?

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