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I understand…

19 May

I understand…that relationships aren’t always an easy thing. I get that it takes work to have successful ones. I even understand that even the ones that seem as though they should be the easiest sometimes take the most work. I understand you not having time for a full on relationship. I know that that takes time and energy that you don’t have. I get the fact that it isn’t even a priority. I understand that life doesn’t always go as planned or as you want it to be. Shit happens and thats the way it is. I understand that I have to be patient with people and with things life brings my way, no matter how much I may want things to be different right now. I understand that men move when they want to move, and they cannot be rushed or forced into doing anything they don’t want to. Even though you just wish they would say what they want, rather than talk around the subject at hand. I understand that sometimes we may not want the same things at the same moment in time, even though I may see something that you may not right now. I understand you not wanting to talk. You don’t like having conversations over the phone, when you would rather say things in person. I understand you not wanting to let go an just see where things fall…its scary i really do understand. I also understand that you may not have a clue what you want. And all this i know and understand…but can you understand some things for me?

I have been needing to get that out of my system for a few days now. I feel better! So I have been taking another listen to CD’s that I have collected. One of the one’s in particular is Dwele’s, World Wants Woman. He always manages to have these songs that everyone sleeps on buried in ALL of his albums. On this particular album, there is this track called I Understand. Its’s been on repeat as of late, and I can feel where he is coming from. I just felt inspired to write this blog entry with this song a title as inspiration.



online dating….

9 May

So ..shout out to and Jia herself for giving me inspiration in regard to this entry.

In my spare time one of my favorite things to do when i need to get my laugh on is browse dating profiles online. Check the video below.. Jia made me LAUGH out LOUD!!! She hit the nail on the head with this video. Now, I am not knocking those that find love over the web. I know people who have done so…but this foolishness must cease!

what kills me are the men who talk all this shit about what they want…how sensitive they are. how they love taking long walks in the park, going on dinner dates, going to museums…yada yada yada…Absolutely ridiculous. Have you ever been to a museum sir? And do you even know where they are in the Houston area. Men, le sigh…the other thing is that most men on these sites talk about how they are looking for the one…lol really…no sir have a seat…you are really looking for a just for the night girl…not a wife..lets keep it 100. after a few messages, you start talking about the size of your dick? Oh…Sir have a seat…please. Or the overly sensitive or aggressive ones that want to get married tomorrow. Or my favorite…the guy who’s mom is in another country…sick and needs you to help them out…just ugh people…really?

pave a new road….

5 May

So tonight…I’m taking a break from my usual to talk about some stuff thats been in my head….With the Bin Laden capture and killing, its made me take a look at our society with a side eye…

Don’t get me wrong, what he did was terrible and downright criminal, and I am not saying that he didn’t deserve his fate, because he did.  What bothers me is how we as Americans are being deemed as this blood thirsty nation that has no heart. Truth is I can’t even argue.  Some of us look like a bunch of savages on TV, mind you broadcast world wide.  The sad part is that because of media spin, it makes it seem as though ALL of us are like that.   All you see lately on the news is how we want to see the pictures of the execution. News of how people just want to see him in his final state.  Have we become so desensitized as a society that our presidents word isn’t enough.  The fact that we as an American, “Christian” people can’t even respect WHY Obama has made that decision not to release the photos is just…  It brings me right back to when Saddam was hung, and the video of the hanging went viral.  I am one the few who has yet to see that video.  I just refused to even watch.  As horrible of a person as he was, for me, I just can’t watch someones demise like that.  And the fact that people were linking the shit worldwide…but I digress…

Look here is my point, and I am gone to bed. As a follower of God, I know my responsibility in life is to pray for those who intend bring harm to me…I can’t celebrate in someone’s death no matter how evil they were.  God is the final judge, point blank period.  Even though there are mini “Bin Laden’s in training” I have to believe that the God I serve is bigger and greater than any man.  My honest prayer is for everyone to get back on the track and love, peace and unity…I know it sounds rather hippish, but, its true…Remember “In God we Trust?”  But who do you really?  God commanded us to love one another…remember?

Alright, I’m done…you know I can’t fall too far off of my norm…so enjoy one of my favorite cuts off of Erro’s CD, Music Fan 1st with Pave a new Road…

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