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its alright….

3 Sep

Its been a minute i know…. But here whats been in my heart to say.

I Opened the glass doors escaping the sticky Houston humidity to feel the cool breeze of of air was the ultimate relief.  I look forward to Sundays.  It’s my time to regroup and re-energize from the trials and issues of the week.    As I walk in to grand hallway…I hear the choir ministering and feel the Spirit of God.  As I walk down the hallway with my sister I think to myself how the past few Sunday’s at Lakewood have been a complete blessing.  Last week Pastor Osteen ministered about changing your view on things…and how after we pray about something we need to go from continuously asking for it prayer after prayer and go immediately into praise, and thanking God for it.   Waiting, but with expectation that your prayer to will come to pass.   Talk about a blessing. We find our seats up front and settle in for the ride….The praise team is sanging….and D, broke out into her own thing…and the next moment i look out to I mean literally a stadium full of people on their feet thanking and praising God…a beautiful sight as groups and sections sway, dance and lift their hands in praise and thanks to god…be it for what has been done or what he is doing or what he will do.  A cloudy haze covers the room as if God’s presence fell at that moment a tear falls.  I don’t know why I cry when I feel God…its an automatic response.  Always has been.  My eyes begin to fill with water and instantly I am lost in my own personal worship.  Thanking God…for who he is to me…. And that’s when god likes to talk to me.

Patience….he tells me.  Patience.  In this season I need it more than ever.  I liken myself to be a pretty patient person.  God what?  And I hear it again…Patience.  And then he goes deeper.  He tells me that I need really be there for the people that I love and care about and be patient as they go through things.  Also with the people that I encounter and meet…to be patient and be the friend…sister…lover….woman that he has called me to be.   He goes on to say that I cannot expect their healing or deliverance to come on my personal time of when I think they should be over a  thing.  And that I just need to be there and pray…And all that I could say was ok.  I will god.  I have no clue what I am agreeing to or expecting to see but ok.  Patient in love…dont rush things and take your time…let things flow organically and not to my will.  Patience with family…ok…I get that…and finally with friends…no comment on this one…But alright.  Will do…

So all this is going through my head…I manage to tune back in and the pastor preaching is dropping bombs about bold faith and prayer…Right on the money.

So cut to after church…lets just say it was an ice cube type day.  Great brunch at benjy’s…met some really cool people as we were having brunch and taught a mini 101 class today…well 2, but whose counting.  Enjoy the song below…quite fitting for mt head space that I occupy at the moment :0)

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