Their eyes were watching God

31 Jan

This year….
I am discovering me.  Rediscovering me I should say…I gave this blog title because I realize more like Janie than what I thought.  I see a side of me that longs to be free and longs to  travel and do whatever I want to do with nothing holding me back.  I know that seems crazy, and I can’t help but feel this connection to where she was at that point in time in her life.  We get what attracts me to her and teacake.  Though he is far from perfect they perfect together.  He give her balance and the love she’s been wanting all of her life.  God what do I want, what have I been wanting?  A mate that is free for love and not care what anybody else feels about that.

Teacake was so free so adventurous and just ready to love her the love that she needed, despite his faults and her faults.  As I get older, I see where I feel like I have spent all of my “old girl” days with other people that were finevwith me playing the role of the  and I girlfriend.  What I am realizing that I need is someone who will allow me the freedom I crave, and maybe even take on these adventures with me. Someone who is full of life and vigor and can be the eb to my flow. 


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