Day 3

4 Jan

So I am knowing that this will not be a daily thing.  Maybe Weekly?  But today was a day I really decided to take a deep look into the future.  AO will not let me sleep.  Everything I do, think and see artistically is tied into it.  There are so may facets of this company and I see it clearer now more than ever.  Its a blessing, but a scary on in the fact that its so big that I have no clue where to begin.   I guess this is that point when people would say, it was no one but God.  I know this is bigger than me.  I just know it is.  I just have to pray that God really order my steps.  I have to really stay in prayer and hear for God’s voice until he tells me to make the next move.  

My task though for Q2 though is to purchase the web domain and  name so it is mine.  Staking claim.  Lord, am I really growing up?  Sounds like it right?  I am nervous, scared, happy, anxious, expecting, ready to shout, and excited all at the same time.  Is this what it is supposed to feel like? 

Thank you God, for this.  Its been a long time coming.  



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