New Year, New Mindset…

2 Jan

Being honest after seeing that I haven’t posted since June I figured now would be be a good time to submit a post no?

A little fear is good right?   I know I am not supposed to speak things into existence, but looking at 2014 there is a little concern and dare I say it, apprehension.  I have struggles.  I have issues.  Where this may have flown under the radar before, I am in a place where I know things must change.  Its funny.  Juliet pointed out to me a few days ago that I always seem to have an epiphany every January and carry it out for the new year.  Well here goes nothing.

This year, this is it.  I am accomplishing what I am setting out to do.  God has a funny way of confirming things.  Yesterday, I said I was leaving the situation with the ex alone.  So I am listening to John Gray tonight at church online, and one of the 1st things he said tonight is to leave the unhealthy behind in the past and purge those things out of your life.  WHAT?!?  A  friend of mine just today was saying the same thing to be before church and its funny how I can see now the unhealthiness of that relationship.  The balance that is supposed to exist wasn’t there.  I do understand that relationships go through phases and sometimes the balance will not be there.  But in this case even when things got better I never felt the reciprocation.  That is hurtful to me, especially when I do not feel appreciated for the little things.  I am still in this cycle where I feel like I am on the lowest shelf of the priority list of the men I date and that has to stop now.    I have to cut whats dead in order for me to flourish.  Does it hurt…yeah, but everyday it will get easier.  The 1st quarter of this month is for laying groundwork of my plans.  Cleaning up what I need to clean up so that for the rest of the year I can work my plan and accomplish the goals I have set for myself.

OK God…I am riding with you.  Help me  and place me in the direction that I need to go in.  Remove from me what needs to me removed internally and externally.   I am ready finally to receive what you have to say.   Thank you for a sense of clarity and the spirit of discernment.   Thank you for what you will do in 2014.  On a side note…aside from working out and stuff I am a part of this online movement 100 Life Goals University.  I am so very excited to see where this is going to take me.  Foundation work indeed.


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