no more hamtser wheels…

27 May

I am tired. I was reading through my last few posts and I am noticing this pattern where the guys that are interested in me can’t or wont show me love in a way that I can receive it. I couldn’t understand for the life of me why…this same cycle continues on. But maybe I need to change on another level. I am done with this. i want to be free and happy…and not tied to the potential of a person. I AM READY FOR LOVE. Real love, that isn’t afraid to disagree. Isn’t afraid to challenge and push and encourage in a healthy manner. Someone who is REALLY emotionally available and wants to be there for me despite my faults and issues and isn’t just ready to walk out when things aren’t rainbows and butterflies. Love me and try to love me as much as god doe.s I’m sick of the going around in circles and not moving forward, but rather staying stagnant in one place. heal my heart and mind …prepare me for the future you have set before me and remove and or release all fear from me in this area of my life. I deserve to be loved by a man just as much as you love me


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