emotional vomiting

18 May

I feel like i am in a wad of emotions  My mind is just everywhere and please note that this entry IS NOT AND WILL NOT be one that is laid out nicely and tied together with a bow.

….There are times where I am good…and then there are times where that isn’t the case.  There are both angry and sad days.  but in all that I am moving forward.  forward intrying to understand  Forward in healing.  Letting GOD really heal me and reveal things to me.  In all of this though my want of love remains unchanged.  I am not bitter..confused yes…but not bitter.  I wish no ill will or spite….

But you know what it is though..I I really want to feel appreciated. Validated.  VALIDATED.  Am I perfect no…but love is a slippery sucker.  What I know is that you need to pay attention to your partner and recognize the way they show and receive love and be willing to acquiesce to that for the other person.  Selfishness and selflessness have to take a front seat to ego.  Man I really want to get through this.  today I wrote across my vision board….I AM UNSTOPPABLE…Phil 4:16 and I’LL NEVER GIVE UP….Powerful…jesus help me walk it daily.


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