30 Apr

You know when you try talking to people to make you feel better and it doesn’t work………..
My heart is heavy today. But I know I had to stand up for me and what I need. It’s hard to walk away when you love a person. I mean really love a person. And I didn’t want to leave but I had to. If I didn’t it would be more of the same.
I miss him though. I miss his smile. His kiss. The way he would make me laugh and smile. But I get it. This isn’t gods plan at the moment. It’s just hard. And where I find myself at the moment is trying to get out of my own head.
My heart hurts. Help me God. I need you help me get through this. I know I passed the test in this experience. And I need you to show me what to do and where to go from here. My other prayer is for him. Bless him and be with him in this season god. Remove the shame and hurt and fear
that he carries. And bless him indeed. Over and beyond what he could think or imagine. Allow him to walk and be free. Free in life and love. Lord let your will be done. I bless your name god and I know that it will be done in Jesus’ name.
Thank you god. Thank you for revelation. For love. For lessons learned. Amen


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