Vacation notes…

1 Apr


Lol this is a list of the randomness. 🙂

-Antigua is GORGEOUS! Honestly, it was my favorite island. It was so beautiful…and peaceful. I will definitely return soon.
-Barbados and st kitts as well. Both places had some of the most breathtaking views ever. May that be relative to the places I have visited…places and views like that made me so humble. Why…well it’s like this…you really realize how small you are in this world. It humbled and amazed me at gods eye for beauty as well. But it made me know and realize how much the life we are given is truly a gift and how much life there still is to love seek and discover…

-and on the topic of islands…this has been a truly beautiful and humbling experience. People there are living their own life. While things aren’t the same as here in the states…what I will take away is the hustle and drive of the people. It was really inspiring, and made me re-evaluate things in my own world. I’ve met some interesting people on this journey…many whom I will never forget.

– this unplugging thing is sooo necessary. The fact that you can immerse yourself into a culture completely for a few days is like the ultimate relaxation. No contact with stressful situations and people allows you the opportunity to unwind and collect yourself. Regroup…reevaluate…redo


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