the power of blogs…

23 Nov

When I originally began blogging back in my Myspace days…i was going though A LOT!. I was re-reading through a few of those and honestly i couldn’t help but get choked up as I went through them. It made me realize how far I truly have come. I was a complete mess, angry, bitter, confused, hurt. Man,the pain I was feeling back in ’08/’09 was so real. God is a healer…he brought me from taking the red-eye to re-enact the different world wedding to this beautifully free creature that stands before you today.

99% of the stuff I wrote back then was therapy. There were times that I needed to talk and get things out that I couldn’t express to people for a number of different reasons. I was afraid to let people see that I really was going through it. Why, because people saw me as this happy go-lucky person with no issues and EVERYTHING was together and wonderful. Blogging for me was and still is my way of expressing all of that emotion, be it good or bad I was going through in an anonymous way. So I thought. I mean I know some of my friends did read it, and from time to time would give me advice on certain things, but I never did it for popularity. It was like my own open book to my life and what I thought about. Honestly what I did it for then and still rings true now…is so that someone can read it and be blessed from it. We as human beings go through things…and though we may not think it, we go through very similar situations. I really want people to be inspired by me and how I made it though.

I love my blog…both of them…and while I have moved here to WordPress now, Google me…my Myspace travelin lady blog or follow the link here and feel free to read about my story and journey. Funny…I wasn’t even planning on writing about this…and i will have another one ready for tomorrow! You know I can’t leave without a song…thing song speaks to my past…my current now and what I hope for the future!



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