hey folks….

3 Apr

So the kid has been BUSY!!!!!

Goodness, settling into this home life thing has been an awesome transition. I finally unpacked…lol and put the suitcases away…It felt flippin great…I purchased a new laptop…started a new job…got a few other job offers…lolmy dance card has been full…and oh yeah i started a workout and I am feeling good.
The Sheraton is going great! I really love what I do on a day to day basis, and I feel re-energized every day I go into work. I get to connect with my customers in a different way, be it sitting down and having a conversation about their day, or assisting them with an issue that they are having….I thank God for giving me the wisdom and grace to deal with it all!
The only thing that I can say that I am not feeling is the fact that I have not picked up or utilized not 1 piece of art anything. Ughhh. I haven’t figured out where to fit it I. My already clouded schedule. I try to compensate by creating different things for work graphically, but it isn’t the same 😦
I know in time I will be able to work it in, but I miss it something terrible.

I think this may end up being a few different posts…I have had so much on my mind

that i need to write about to just get it out of my system…Ive just been soo tired…But i promise to get back on the bandwagon…starting today 🙂


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