Body/Exercise update…

2 Feb

So now that I am permanently home…I am committing to this workout thing 100%

Bottom line here is my goal…size 12/14 by next year!  Its doable damnit!!

Speaking of size…I will build an ass!!!

Significantly reduce my bread intake!  Seriously,I realize that I am an addict…and it needs to stop

Stay on track even after I loose the weight!

Get through the ENTIRE insanity workout without dropping<!!!!!!!

Why so serious this time.  I have finally committed to the lifestyle change.   I can’t just half ass and bs my way through this one.  If I am serious I have to commit fully.  I AM SOOO TIRED OF STARTING A PROJECT AND NOT SEEING IT THROUGH.  That was actually my resolution for this year,to finish whatever that I started.

My plan of action….

Couch to 5k…i want to be able to run a 5k race without stopping in under 30 minutes!!

P90X…the strength training and other conditioning needed

Jillian Michaels when I need a change of pace

PRAYER…o yes, we have to pray just to make it today!!

And good old walking around the hotel..

I will be a couch potato no more, by the grace of god…2011 its going down…in a major way!  Question is are you ready for me??  Oh yeah..I will post pics after the 30 days!!  My theme song follows…lol!


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