Decisions…denials…and former delusions….

30 Oct

Weight has always been a struggle for me…Granted I am a person that is completely comfortable in their skin, I think I have finally reached this point where enough is enough…

I am tired of being perceived as this person that I am not totally…the girl with the cute face and incredible personality.  While I do possess those qualities, am I wrong to want a little of that attention to be superficial?  Can’t I be he cute “sexy” chic with that bomb ass personality?  I don’t know, I know now that  I am officially ready ready for a change.  The last time I went on this kick, I ended up at the chiropractor (completely unrelated).  So it does make me a little nervous.  *Shrugs*

I guess what really throws me off is the fact that I have this vice that I need to really power through….I am a non-finisher…professionally I am on point 99% of the time;…but personally I have these moments OFTEN, where I begin a project and for some reason or another I never finish it…Always citing the fact that I will do it later…I blame everything…from my j0b, to people around me…and while i do realize that I need external motivation…Clarence,I am looking at you, I need to really take a good look at me and figure this thing out.  Why don’t I finish?  Is it a fear of failure…perhaps… but I realize that I have to be a woman of my word in all arenas of my life and As much as I love to eat and cook…there is always room for improvement and I need to do better…

So I am commissioning all of you!  Yes all of you to help me in the fight of my life…NO more delusions of grandeur that this weight loss thing will not take work…BECAUSE I KNOW IT WILL.  I need you to help me…keep me in check…I will be posting updates..And honestly get back on this ball….literally and figuratively…Suggestions are welcome…I am ready…

I feel like a weight has been lifted…Workout wise heres my plan…1,Start traveling with workout gear (check)  2, Travel with workout DVD’s and product  3, start bringing my hand blender again on the road, 4, Make i a daily priority to do something, and not quit because I am tired….There most definaltely is more to add to this post…so be on the lookout as I literally get my ass in gear…

Notice I said nothing about alcohol…i know i know empty calories…BUT I NEED my VINO…Sorry 🙂



One Response to “Decisions…denials…and former delusions….”

  1. thebettylife October 30, 2010 at 8:57 am #

    Good luck with your weight loss goals 🙂

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