Rekindling an Old FLame…

14 Oct

So I like to think of myself as a multi-talented artist…that happens to be in a deactivated status.

I truly truly sucks some days because I see shit and in my head I am like I can do that sooo much better.  Or I get a bright frickin idea, and I am in the middle of nowhere with nothing to work it out because I have to figure out how to carry it back on the plane 😦

I want to be artistic…and creative…but I feel like my hands are tied. Yeah I know i can draw it out or write it down for later but it isnt the same.  Its like when inspiration hits me my instinct is to drop all and create…Be it paint or plaster or whatever…i feel stifled as a creative being…forced into a corner limited by what i want to do because of my current job choice…Its funny…back in the day, I would have shrugged it off and kept it moving but as of late I am in this MODE where I feel the need to just be artistic.  I  want to be able to takes some time off…and just be inspired and create.  I just feel though that I can be creative to a point while on the road and it just smothers me… Maybe I should get back into computer graphics…perhaps, that would help somewhat…I don’t know…God help…I need a way…show me a way…please..


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