Pen just cries away

18 Aug

As I journey through this life…I’ve come to realize that music always in some sort of way has been the thread in my that runs through my life. Even as I look at this blog it becomes evident looking at the number of music centered posts. Its funny…through every twist and turn there has always been a song that can serve as the movie soundtrack for that place in my life.

That being said, there is this song by Eric Roberson on his cd entitled “Left,” that has just been a really good song for me as I am letting go of the past. *side note: I’ve been really getting into all of erro’s cd’s after listening to music fan first. You all really need to cop it* It really evokes every emotion I was feeling during the time if me claiming life back from heartache. Pen just cries away is a song of self discovery and healing from the pain of heartache, and how he uses his tool, writing,  to aid in mending his heart. It’s crazy…because I never realized how much healing has taken place with me refocusing on my art to get me through this rough and hurtful place. It, being this break up, has really has inspired me in a major way. Where I felt no inspiration, I have it now. So much so that it pains me that I cannot consistently work on it in the manner I want to. If you guys could really see my plan and books that have all these ideas that hae come out of all of this. The works that I display here are just glimpses of what I really want to do.  It’s big and beautiful 🙂

I digress. But what I’m saying is before I really got back to drawing and painting…I thought I needed answers, an apology, and an explanation. My favorite line in this song is “I lie to myself to just keep my smile”. I did that a lot…a lot… man but God is truly a healer. But in working through my feelings by putting it on paper, the less I needed all of that nonsense. All of that hurt and anger, I’m learning to put it on paper and release it through there. My point of view is becoming clearer and clearer the more I draw the more I paint the more I pray. Craziness. But I’m so grateful.

You know family, when I do see Robert…I don’t want to bombard him with a bunch of questions and demands.  No…I just want to hug him and tell him thank you for the inspiration.


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