pretty wings…

7 Aug

so this track has been on repeat for a minute…maxwell put how I had been feeling for a while into this tiny teasing snippet… you come to point where you sometimes have to let go of people…its hard…sometimes tragic..but there are times where you come to a place that you cannot go together. Where God makes you let go…and you think that it is the end all be all of life…but He is setting you up….setting you up to grow and spread our wings…streghthen you inner man…the soul that longs to express itself,…build up you own identity without the other person. More often than not we find ourselves in relationships where we define ourselves around that person….molding our likes to theres…never fuffulling or realizing our own desires…. Letting go isn’t always easy…we have to trust and have faith that God really has our best interest at heart…we have to truly live life daily in the moment…measuring the time you have to find who you really are…know that when God brings you back with the person he made you let go of…you will see it wasnt only just for you it was for them too…


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