Notes from 35000ft

20 Jul

So I am a little heated as my phone deleted the 1st version of this :(. But I will try this again.

Apparently every time I get onto a long plane ride I tend to get a lot of good thinking out. Mainly random thoughts about life situations and love and whatever miscellaneous stuff happens during a flight So I have this handy dandy app on my phone for WordPress we shall see how it works..

(note: recalling what I wrote the 1st time is difficult. That is all :(. I know these are all in the wrong order and while I type this someones under arm deodorant game is making me sick to my stomach.)

That being said I am going to remix it and dedicate this one to airplane etiquette.

Turn off your damn phone and have a seat. Seriously. Is the conversation really that important. And FYI, yes the flight attendant can see you. I’m ready to go. And can you already have the magazine you want to read in your setback pocket prior to taking off?

Security check point: Ok. These TSA rules have been in effect how long? Why don’t people still not get it. No you cannot bring your full size product bottle with you on the plane. Nor can you bring perfume or anything else that is a liquid or gel. And stop trying to bargain with the TSA agents they are just doing their jobs.

Back to the plane…

Bathrooms: 2 things here…the bathrooms are small as is…please clean up behind yourselves people. I hardly use them as is. But its nice when its clean. (travel tip:carry baby wipes) and the other thing if you must blow up the bathroom, there is a little something called courtesy flushing. Stop knocking out the flight attendants and people in the back rows with your foolishness.

Just because I smile and say hello doesn’t mean I am trying to have a conversation with you the entire flight. No. I’m southern. I’m being polite. When you see the ear buds in do not tap me to ask me a question. I’m trying to catch up on sleep or something or drawing. Please stop the madness. Or. You will end up like this lady on this flight that got shut down by this other passenger when she tried to strike up a convo.

The people with babies on flights. My heart goes out to you. I have nothing bad to say. But it’s those folks with the uncontrollable toddlers…your “baby” has one more time to kick my seat. Because if you don’t handle it after the 1st look I will. Give em a shot so that thy can sleep during the flight, ala Mr. T. in the A-Team.

Last but not least when deplaning…please sit in your seat. Why must it be a cattle call when the captain turns off the fasten seat belt sign. We still have to wait. I can understand you needing to stretch…I’m 6’0. I understand, but to everyone else who feels the need to stand I the aisle when you are in 22f and the cabin door hasn’t been opened yet with bags in hand, have a seat.


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