From Song to Reality?

19 Jul

This topic came to mind on the way back to Altoona, PA after Eric Roberson’s concert in Pittsburgh…If you have never seen him live or heard of him at all I suggest you google him or head to During the drive I was A, on cloud 9, because I just met the man behind the music and it had left me in one of those “I miss love moods.” And I as I am flicking through my iPod on the road home all of these songs just starting playing song after song…To those that are like ok WTF I am a self-confessed music junkie. I love music…everything from the beat to the instruments used, to the arrangement, to chords played..ALL of it…but tonight my beloved love of music left me wondering…

Do lyrics of a song ever become reality? I’m not talking about those “My Dougie” type songs. No I’m referring to those Neo/Soulful love songs…

I guess this can fall in to the same category of a movie but I tend to think that they can…Why? Well lyrics for the most part come out of the writers heart…True lyrics, I believe, come from the soul…To convey truly how someone feels and/or wants to feel about that one person in question. Take the song at the bottom, “She” by Eric Roberson…He goes in describing the woman who he loves and how its ok to be completely vulnerable to and with someone…

“I reached out to her and she just slid right in
The only thing I could ever want is that this never end
She laid her face under mine so she could breathe my air
Just in case she drifts to sleep she know I’m there

Its songs like this that make me wonder do men really want that out of a relationship? Do you really want the long term or the just for tonight? All women, well most women, want to know that someone feels this way about them…and honestly its what fuels our need and desire to both want to be loved and to love. It’s hard as a single woman, because it’s not that we are so in a rush to be just in a relationship in order not to be lonely…no, for me I just want to be about to give this type of love back to someone who really loves me. Call me crazy….possibly its because I am a Leo, and have the tendency to love strong and love hard…and I see other people in relationships and long and yearn for that simplistic intimacy. I’m not asking for your bank account number or keys to your whip, I just want to know will you really let a woman love you to the point that you can be completely transparent? Can you? Can we? (Sidenote: SWV’s classic can we popped into my head bad…back to the serious moment at hand)

I think that this can happen…Only if both parties are willing open and honest…Why can’t we get back to the basics of how love used to be before the high divorce rates and false images of relationships and marriages portrayed by the media…My prayer is that we begin to rebuild our family unit from the inside out….perhaps then we can rebuild our communities and so on?


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