Everything is…

30 Jun

So…Listen as you read

This song has been in my head a while now…Beautiful compsition from the one and only Martin Luther from the roots…Lately I have been in this head space about moving on, in every sense of the word…This song play perfectly to mindset that I was clinging to with the possibility of getting back with Robert…I thought that I needed him and my world completely revolved around him…Looking back now I NEVER thought I would have been that chick…I was…its amazing what can happen when you put the cart before the horse…BEfore him, I was the playa…lol I went through guys like they were disposable napkins…that’s a whole other entry…But during the 3 years we were together was really awesome fun and love filled time until I moved to Houston after Katrina…He was my world and I was his…and everyone else just played in it…Our relationship was unhealthy to a point…no we never argued…but we never really dealt with our disagreements well either…complete communication breakdown…

Which led to were we are now…nothing…How am I feeling about that…seriously peeps I miss my friend…do I miss the relationship sometimes…but I seriously realize that I need so much more…I had a dream the other night…and basically it went  like this…I was talking to rev run after some concert and he invited me to lunch…Now the choice of people who was there was interesting…His brother Russell Simmons sat across from me and Maxwell and Rev Run sat opposite each other…for the life of me I couldn’t  figure out what this random pairing was about until I talked to my roomie…and she basically broke it down to what each man in the trinity…lol represented..Russy Simmons, deals with the part of me that needs someone who is business minded…plans things out..structured even…Maxwell repsresents a few things…Art, Music, sensuality, etc…and finally Rev represents the Spiritual… CRAZY…

I am just ready to meet this brother…lol

But what I wanted to say family…is that its ok to let go and move on…I hae done some pretty ballsy steps in getting to that point some that I may reveal one day…I can see the light finally at the end of this tunnel…believe me family…everything is good.


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